Amazing Dog Breeds You Need to Know About

the best dog breed in the world

   Since a long time, dogs have been a beloved companion of humans. They have also served as trusted companions to many of the history’s famous personalities. From Queen Elizabeth to Adolf Hitler, you can always find one or the example of historical figures who immensely adored dogs. Therefore, it is imperative that we discuss them in detail.

Well, so today we will be talking about some amazing dog breeds. Starting off with…



An adorable breed that is usually referred to as the ‘King of Lapdogs”, it originally hails from ancient China. Also, the community of pug owners is quite tightly knit, with events such as the pug parades and pug get-togethers.

He (or for that matter she) will accompany you in doing everything, whether it is watching TV to going on a walk. One thing you should be aware of is the pug’s tendency to snort. A majority of people find a pug to be extremely friendly and loyal.


English Mastiff

It is a sort of a ‘tank’ when compared to the rest of the dog breeds. You can judge its size by the fact that one English Mastiff was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the heaviest dog ever!

Though its relatively large size may intimidate those of you who wish to get one as a pet, in reality, they are quite docile. Still not convinced? Well, its name Mastiff is derived from the Latin word ‘mansuetus’, which means ‘domesticated’.

Though it has some shortcomings, (spreading drool whenever he shakes his head), its plus points seem to completely dominate over them.

Next up is…



Into French dog breeds anyone? Bred in the dark ages in France to chase deer, bloodhounds are a perfect mix of being intelligent and being highly active. Most probably when you read ‘Bloodhound’, the typical image of a highly trained manhunter may come into your mind.

But the thing is, they are equally docile and do share their love with people. All you need to get your bloodhound in this mode is to shower him with your genuine affection and make him your constant companion. So do make the Bloodhound your mate and it will make you forget all your worries and exhaustion.



Well, a typical Maltese is so cute that you will fall for it the moment you take a look at it. Usually covered with silky white hair, the ‘Roman Ladies Dog’ this one just seen to float under its cloak of white hair. Though Maltese might look like an aristocratic dog breed, it possesses a lot of energy.

They get so attached to people around them that they begin to show symptoms of ADHD. Yes, you read it right. Therefore, never leave them alone for a long time. Otherwise, it may start exhibiting self-destructive behavior and we don’t want that, do we?



Goldendoodle or Groodle come in various sizes. This is because they are a result of a mating between Poodle and a Golden Retriever. It is an excellent dog if you are looking for a family-friendly breed.

Also, historically they have proven themselves in a variety of ways like-

  • Guide Dogs
  • Sniffer Dogs
  • Service Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs

And the list will simply go on and on.

The Goldendoodle is relatively a recent breed since it was developed in the nineties. A great choice for those who are going to have a pet dog for the very first time. So those who wish to explore the wonderful loving world of dogs, don’t wait and get yourself a Goldendoodle.



The earliest breed of the designer dogs, Cockapoo was rather ‘created’ back in the sixties. As for its characteristics, it is extremely people friendly, easy to train, and is lovingly affectionate towards its owner. One thing though, once you have a Cockapoo, your lap is always reserved for them. Some additional benefits are that

  • It does not require grooming akin to poodles
  • A great choice for people suffering from any kind of allergy
  • Quite easy to train

Overall it is a well-balanced dog that is a great choice for those who wish to not to go into the more traditional kind of breeds such as the German Shepperd or Labrador.



The Alaskan Malamute boasts a powerful and sturdy built that seems to be tailormade for strength and stamina. A breed that also happens to be by far the least altered since its origin, this one needs one or the other job. Doing so will only make it easy for you to handle. They have a lot of energy and zeal towards physical exercise. So do make sure to make that possible whenever you can.

Also, if you can look after its needs, in return, you shall be only receiving love and companionship.


Great Pyrenees

This dog breed was initially developed in order to help shepherds. Though that particular purpose is long obsolete, these days Great Pyrenees can be seen walking with people. It also possesses a unique ability to try and figure out things on its own, which is great. But having this ability also implies that it would be quite difficult to train it.

And wait, do make sure to train your Pyrenees since otherwise, it may become completely uncontrollable! The work of being patient is well rewarded since it prefers to stay calm in a house setting.



A breed that has been immortalized by several movies and TV series. Dalmatians are highly energetic and people-friendly. As a companion, they are perhaps the best available choice for you. They are also excellent runners (they were bred for this express purpose). You should make sure that your Dalmatian gets a proper amount of exercise so as to avoid any behavioral issues. 

While buying one, do make a mental note that the percentage of deaf Dalmatians is statistically significant. So make sure about that by buying the puppy or dog from a reputed and well-established breeding centre.



Though Television series made Collie famous, it also resulted in a steep decline in the quality of those being sold. Therefore, it is advisable that you deal with only a verified dealer. A usually quiet and calm dog, Collie was originally bred in Scotland. They have proved their intelligence in the past by assisting herders.

They were first introduced in the United States in the late nineteenth century and since then have completely dominated all other dog breeds in terms of popularity. So when you get yourself a Collie and walk around in the neighborhood, people are bound to give you their admiring look…



They are perhaps the smallest breed among all. They love to have fun and are always affectionate. As always, you need to use positive training methods to get the best results. Also, you need to be protective over your dear Chihuahua since they are not aware of their small size.

They are brave and will stand up to any dog! Their size makes them vulnerable to attacks by a hawk, coyotes etc. So, take care of him, he should be protected at all costs.



A sturdy dog who is also super loyal to its owner. With their commitment, fearlessness, and intelligence, they are an amazing choice. Boxers were originally developed by the Germans in the nineteenth century. But do remember to take them for extensive exercise daily.

No matter wherever you are, you can always depend upon your Boxer to keep a watchful eye on the surrounding. After all, they are guard dogs. Do get regular health check-ups from your Vet, since they are vulnerable to a large variety of diseases.



Those of who wish to have a dog but are irritated by their loud barking, say hello to Beagle. Its cute expression only enhances its appeal. They are curious, focused and foody. Amazingly, they consider every person they come across as friendly! So be sure not to use them on guard duty.

Also, a typical Beagle demands a lot of effort from the owner for being house trained. If you have a family member that is afraid of dogs, then Beagle is the best choice to make due to the above-mentioned reasons. Beagle is perhaps one of the very few dog breeds who are not able to bark in the traditional sense.



Though a Pomeranian might have a small size, but he is commanding and boasts a big-guy demeanor. They also happen to be intelligent and alert, which makes them great to be used as watchdogs. You can also easily train them and they master games and tricks relatively easily.

Although Pomeranians can function as lap dogs, they do like to get involved in various outdoor activities.

And unlike those that are larger in size, a short walk around the neighborhood is sufficient, making it an excellent choice for those living in the suburbs. So that even those living in an apartment can finally get one for company.


Siberian Husky

At first glance, it is even difficult to make out whether it is even a dog (Most of you may start thinking of a wolf). Siberian Husky is a loyal and independent breed. Your Siberian Husky will be just like any other family member in your household. All that he will ever ask for is your affection and care. A fun fact is this that although it looks like a wolf, yet it makes a poor watchdog. He is more interested in getting along with unknown people.

He also happens to be an avid runner. The only thing you need to be cautious about is its hunting instinct. So DO NOT keep any small pet animal at your home. If you do, he will not give a second thought before… you know what. He has a really cool look and is definitely recommended.


Shih Tzu

They were originally bred in ancient China for the Chinese emperor. Another one of the cute breeds of dogs that are also a companion in a true sense. Their liking for children is very well known. For those who wish to spend less time on exercise requirement of their pet dog, Shih Tzu is a possible choice that they can make. Again, beware that training him would take extra effort but is worth it at the end of the day.

Also, aesthetically, they can be placed in the top five. You can judge this claim by the fact that it has been a personal favorite of many emperors and queens alike. The Chinese had a special penchant for Shih Tzus.



A working dog who seems to always try to find a job for himself. The kind of devotion that a Samoyed will show is just simply amazing. He will be a perfect playmate for your children. Since he is never going to lose his playfulness.

As always, do make sure that he gets a proper share of exercise and nutritional diet so he stays fit and healthy.


German Shepherd

The king of all large breed dogs was obviously developed in Germany. He is a pet that is pretty much into children. Most of them are very easy to train so you should not be surprised to find them with the security agencies. As a part of them, they perform a large variety of functions ranging from being agility dogs to sentinels.

Their loyalty is so much focused on to their primary owner that it is as if they have taken a ‘pledge of allegiance’. Regular exercise (both physical and mental) is required to keep him busy. 

Hope you liked our list about the amazing dog breeds that you can make your pet. Do comment in the comment section for suggestions and feedback.

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