About Us

How Petsaim make your online purchase experience so unique.

Today’s costumers of online commodity want more then just quick delivery and low prices, they are also want personalization services such as someone to contact in case of issue with there purchases. Not many websites out there will go to great length to assure complete satisfaction of new and existing clients. Pets Aim promise to change that.

The two founders of Petsaim.com decided from the very beginning to make complete clients satisfaction there star goal. To achieve that, they took a long, deep look at what was out there already and realize something was missing, big time!

Turn costumers experience into a opportunity.

First, stop ignoring your clients need, say’s Jonathan, one of the founders. Our clients are looking to talk to real peoples. We chose to go against the trend of Bank’s for example and focus on missing opportunity to create a truly unique experience with peoples. If clients are not 100% satisfy we are not. And that’s final .

That involve to understand who’s the clients first : Pets.

Even with the best of intention to there animals, sometime pets owners realize after fact then the product purchase does’t fit there need and that’s usually when things start to go wrong.

No return policy, in-store credit or simply lost the recipe of your purchase can complicate or ruin your experience with the vendor rapidly. We chose to put all that in the garbage right away say’s Nicolas the second founder of PetsAim.com. Today there’s no place for excuses and we make sure ours clients can get a free replacement or 100% refund of there product fast ( within 2-3 business days ) if the product have not meet there expectation or the one of there pet. That’s our warranty to everyone!

Turning bad reviews into success story.

PetsAim.com sell only quality / rugged / tested products say’s Jonathan. I like the idea of buying once. The costumers need to feel the same way. Of course we like good reviews, who does’t. But where we shine are with the bad one. We call those’s, the earthquake! They have different levels too, from mild to intense say’s Nicolas. We once spend almost a full day making sure a client was fully satisfied he recall. It can be demanding in energy sometime, but we refuse to let the ground shift under ours feet. The client understood we won’t let him down no matter the issue and that’s our strength, one client at the time.

Problems Solver, our true business

Breaking down issues one at the time involve more then just making problems disappear. We make sure we learn from them as well. There is no place to improvise when a client call say’s Nicolas. We have a well establish procedure to guarantee follow to​ success in our relationship with costumers.

Number 1, we solve the problem.

The client need to understand they can reach us at any time, by Email or by phone and will be welcome to do so. No one is turn around say’s Jonathan. We will satisfied even the most demanding clients and they deserve the best services at any time.

Number 2, we go above and beyond.

We do follow up by Email with every clients. Making sure they are satisfied with the product purchase at our online store. No one is left behind.

Number 3, we connect with you.

We encourage all of our costumers to joint us truth Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to share the success story of quality products with the true satisfied costumers : Your pet.

Thanks for being a part of our community. 


Petsaim.com has been made by SIND Canada Team.

The founder of this project is Nicolas Desjardins.