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This is probably one in 85 percent of Americans who suffer from back pain during a particular period of life. Chronic pain is a major cause of disability and time lost due to work complaints. Perhaps headaches are more common among neuropathy than back pain.

One approach to treating low back pain is non-invasive pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. Surgery is the only option left, but PEMF therapy should be considered as the first line of defense. This medical intervention can completely avoid speculative surgery and medication.

How does a pulsed field device work? PEMF treatment includes a high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field that recharges cells while reducing the inflammatory response. These electromagnetic fields enter the body at the cellular level and penetrate tissues.



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For people with severe back pain, this treatment can be rolled up and associated with back pain for several hours a day. The frequency range for most PEMF treatment devices is 5 to 30 Hz.

PEMF treatment devices emit low-frequency electromagnetic fields that may not affect a person’s physiology or heritability. Various machines emit electromagnetic fields that can be harmful to human health. Therefore, it will be a good alternative for treating your back pain with acupuncture.
Is it possible to relieve back pain with PEMF therapy? Pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) are used in PEMF treatments that target different parts of the body. Cell destruction is restored by these energy waves. PEMF can be used to treat any type of chronic problem, whatever the cause.
At even higher strengths, PEMF is completely safe to use throughout the brain and elsewhere in the body. PEMF benefits by calming overexcited and overactive signals by repairing brain cells and adjusting the frequency function of the brain.

Two recent studies show that PEMF has excellent prospects for the treatment of lumbar radiculopathy and whiplash syndrome. The first thing I saw was a total of 100 people with lumbar radiculopathy and 92 people with whiplash syndrome. For two weeks, the group of patients received regular dosing and magnetic field treatment. The other groups were only taking prescription medications. Magnetic field therapy provided significant pain relief in these conditions.

In another study published in the Porto Biomedical Journal, researchers found that PEMF therapy helped patients with back pain and improved cognitive function. The use of therapeutic devices is low risk and may be an alternative to painkillers.

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The authors of this study article conclude that PEMF drugs are effective preservatives for back pain because it uses strong magnetic resources to transmit to the primary magnetism of your body. The use of PEMF helps relieve back and other areas of pain while reducing pressure on the nerve roots.